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Truly Great Coffee

Here at Cold Press Cafe we have two sources of coffee beans:

European Roasterie provides beans for our house drip coffee.

       European Roasterie, Inc. was founded in 1992 and are located in Le Center, MN. They are a family-run business which employs 50 people, roasting in a 50,000 square foot Roasterie. Currently, they produce over 3.5 million pounds of fresh roasted, top-grade coffee annually. They only roast 25 to 500 lbs per roast…with each batch carefully roasted to create the perfect cup, all the time.

Sutton's coffee provides us with the beans for our espresso. 

        "I am Chris Sutton, owner of Sutton's Coffee. About 12 years ago I was making coffee for my nurses and a patient's daughter asked if I roast my own coffee? This started a conversation that ultimately started my obsession with roasting.  I bought my first roaster soon after that conversation and 4 roasters later here I am. Each roaster I used offered insight into the roasting process and how every aspect of roasting affects the finished product. I strive for freshness and start with the best quality beans.  My bags are always vacuum packed and sealed but are so fresh, they are bulging with air that only fresh beans produce while degassing. Small batch roasting allows me to control the roast process as desired and ultimately produces a great product. Like grapes that make wine, each bean is unique, every growing season is different, and thus the variety of flavors that can be developed are unique to each bean and style of roasting.  I love the challenge of finding the best roast for each type of bean and preference of the customer. Being a Physician Assistant, the study of chemistry and medicine has given me additional insight to the chemical reactions that take place during the roasting process and proved helpful in understanding and adapting various aspects of coffee roasting, I combine the art and science of roasting and always strive for the best tasting coffee that satisfies starting with the first smell. Im sure once you squeeze a bang of fresh coffee and smell the amazing aroma, you will have a smile on your face anticipating the first sip."

Locally Sourced Products

Our bread and pastries come from Backwards Bread Co. in St. Cloud, MN. Backwards Bread Co. recognized a need for a high-quality bread that doesn't cut corners in both the bread making process and the quality of ingredients.  These old world recipes have had it right since the beginning. They mean to keep this ancient secret alive and functioning for as many people who choose to try it. They believe effort and time spent found in old world tradition pays out tenfold in nutrition and health benefit. 

Our dairy products are from Stony Creek Dairy in Melrose, MN. Stony Creek Dairy is locally produced on the farm-site so that they can manage every detail of production to maintain our high quality. With the cattle and the creamery being on the same farm-site, the milk does not need to travel far to be processed, which truly increases the freshness.  You can be assured that the products you purchase have been in their care throughout the entire process. The low-temperature Vat Pasteurization method gives the milk a very unique, natural, full-bodied flavor.  Their family of hormone-free products include Skim Milk, 1% Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk, Swiss Chocolate Milk, and Heavy Cream in various sizes. Their slow-churned butter is made the old-fashioned way to maintain a high level of flavor and quality. 


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