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We are a locally owned and operated coffee shop.  No big corporate dollars got us started, just hard work, dedication, and belief in a dream!

Since no big corporate dollars are involved, we can do things how we want! The in-house coffee roasting is a great example.  We are always changing the blends and origins, keeping it interesting!

We serve our cold brew as a concentrate!  So, if your ice manages to somehow melt before you finish your cold brew, it'll still taste like coffee!

You can order ahead from your cellular device, order at the drive-thru window, or come inside and hang out!

Summer Hours:

Mon-Thur 6:30-3

Friday 6:30-4

Sat 7-4

Sun 8-2

We don't compete with fellow coffee shops. We are not a big corporate chain. We provide coffee the way we believe coffee should be enjoyed, quality over quantity! 

We roast in-house and make our own flavored syrups, so our quality-over-quantity approach ensures the best flavor experience!

Our housemade Chai is richly spiced and rests on a complex base of Assam Black Tea.  Each batch is made weekly from our specific choice of whole spices then slightly sweetened for great balance.

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