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Handmade, all day!

PB Honey Toast 1pc.

Hand formed multigrain w/ peanut butter & honey 4


plain, blueberry, & cinnamon raisin

cream cheese: plain, strawberry, chive and onion, everything seasoning , peanut butter 4.5

Avo Croi

toasted butter croissant, guac, Swiss cheese, eggs, & your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage 7.75

Breakfast Bagel

plain bagel, eggs, swiss, bacon, sausage, or ham 7.75

Blue Sky Bagel

blueberry bagel, eggs & smoked ham with Swiss & cream cheese 7.75

Breakfast Burrito

A popular classic done well! eggs, seasoned breakfast sausage, & cheddar in a flour tortilla 7.75

Breakfast Flat Wrap

The PERFECT on-the-go breakfast item! Eggs, your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage, with Swiss or cheddar. All pressed on the grill in a folded flour tortilla 6.5

2pc. Avo Toast

Seasoned guac with thyme and everything bagel seasoning on hand-form multigrain 7.5


Keto/Carnivore friendly!

Coming soon!

Less than 5 grams of carbs, more than 50 grams of protein and over 50 grams of fat! This thing will keep you full and feeling good!

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