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Cold Press Cafe

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Quality over quantity and a smart work ethic was the atmosphere I was raised with and that's the background of Cold Press Cafe. No BIG corporate dollars helped to get us started, but rather a dream, a burning desire, and the fortitude to see the vision through.

Owner background


I'm Casey, the owner of Cold Press Cafe. Once upon a time I had a steady job with an internationally renowned reputation, ESOP, lots of overtime pay and paid vacation. Now, I have a dream come true! 


Cold Press Cafe was not possible however, without the loved ones who supported me! I'm forever grateful to those loved ones, especially my wife and parents who believed in my vision and supported me in many ways! The work ethic instilled me by the example my dad set forth is most certainly a note worthy attribute that continues to drive the success and growth of Cold Press Cafe!


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Coffee is our business and quality is our mission. Roasting our own coffee is a passionate part of contributing to a unique experience. That unique experience started with with a very generous man, Dr. Chris Sutton. He gifted me his roaster after he passed away from cancer. Like the ones who got me started, I'm forever grateful to Chris for sharing his passion of roasting great coffee and teaching me everything he knew.


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